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Founder/Executive Producer/Writer

Silena Fuller

Silena Fuller's passion for storytelling began as a child, where she would often retreat to her imagination to create worlds and characters. However, her path to becoming a writer and producer was not a straight one. For many years, she worked in the corporate world, overseeing large sums of money and managing assets.

It wasn't until later in life that Silena was able to fully embrace her creative side and pursue her lifelong dream of writing and producing. With the founding of Iron Phoenix Films, she finally had the platform to tell the stories she had been holding onto for years.

For Silena, creating unique and original stories is all about tapping into one's own truth and imagination. She encourages others to do the same and is passionate about mentoring and supporting independent creators.

Above all, Silena cherishes her family and credits them as her inspiration and motivation to pursue her dreams.
mated series to historically accurate limited series and films, Silena speaks to a broad audience. 

Her greatest joys are her family and mentoring and helping other independents achieve their dreams of creating content and writing the stories that they love.

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